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October update

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Wow, is it really almost November? This year has absolutely flown by, and we are getting into peak semen collection months. Our barn has seen some amazing animals come through recently, and we have always wanted to allow our clients an easy way to sell semen from their top notch bulls, without us being in the marketing industry. The day has come where we can do both. The capability to sell, and buy, quality semen is now available to all of our clients. This new medium is extremely exciting. We can list bulls and their information through our website and customers around the world can buy semen with the click of a mouse. Shipping information is collected, and the semen can be sent out the very next day if desired. It has never been easier to buy and sell semen. This will continually be updated, as clients bring bulls to be collected, they will always have the option to place the semen on our website.

We have had the great opportunity to welcome groups to tour our facility. Recently, we got to show Dr. Martin Sieber and a group from the USGLE from Mexico, Guatemala and Trinidad. It is always such a pleasure meeting new people and showing our facilities great features. If you have a group of people, or even just 1-2, let us know and we would be happy to show you around our state of the art grounds.

This year, we celebrated our 60th anniversary. While we are exceptionally proud of each of our 60 years, the past 3 have been remarkable. We set over 6 miles of pipe preparing new collection facilities, procured the technology to consolidate our New Mexico facility into our Texas office through the PolarPen, and have continually upped the standards of the semen collection industry.

Today, we are proud of our accomplishments, but we are also looking to the future. We have plans to build a visitor center, complete with conference rooms, a kitchen, and a space for our visitors to relax. We have implemented an amazing tool in our semen sales, for our clients that we are going to continually keep at the top of the bar. We have 4 generations of Cardwell family members intricately involved in the entire process. And most of all, we look forward to continually freeze only the best quality of semen for clients new and old.

Would you and a group like to do a tour? Do you have semen you would like to add to our online semen sales listings? Contact Hillary today at 512-285-2019 to get more information.

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