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Elgin Breeding Service goes GREEN!


EBS/INC. Goes Green!

In the early 1970’s, Dr. WH Cardwell pioneered the use of air-conditioning technology to keep bulls cool during the summer months. This effort was to insure that a bull’s semen quality would not suffer due to heat stress.

After working with then current air-conditioning technology, it was learned that air quality caused severe limitations to this approach. After several years of work, standard air-conditioning was abandoned and deemed not only impractical but potentially unsafe. Despite these limitations, Dr. Cardwell’s goals of keeping a bull cool were not abandoned.

As the years passed, Dr. Cardwell remained committed to finding a suitable means to keep bulls cool. After years of climate study and travel, Dr. Cardwell decided that the central mountainous region of New Mexico possessed ideal climate conditions for summertime semen collection. The limitations of this location were distance and the potential for ever decreasing supplies of water.

In 1987, EBS/WEST was opened. Since that time, hundreds of bulls have traveled to EBS/WEST for the summer. While the weather conditions proved to be ideal, Dr. Cardwell remained convinced that one day technology would advance and enable bulls to be kept cool. This future Dr. Cardwell envisioned would not require transportation of bulls and it would utilize fresh clean air as opposed to recycled and unhealthy cooled air.

Despite Dr. Cardwell’s death in 2007, Brad and his sister Brenda Cardwell, continued work to make Doc’s dream come to reality. EBS/INC. is proud to announce that starting in the summer of 2015, EBS will no longer operate at EBS/WEST.

No longer will bulls need to travel 1,200 miles round trip to stay in top semen production. This will not only be more convenient, but it will also greatly reduce the use of fossil fuel and its attendant impact on our environment.

This is made possible by EBS’ creation of Polar Pen TM which is cooled utilizing Heat-Mass Exchanger Technology. This revolutionary technology provides clean, filtered fresh air with no added humidity or chemical refrigerants or ozone depleting chemicals. There is zero net water loss which is another environmentally friendly aspect of this technology. Adding to this reduced carbon footprint is the ability to power the equipment with solar panels.

While the investment in this technology will be high, the benefits to bull health and our environment will certainly payoff in the long run. EBS/INC. has a 60 year history of leading the Custom Semen Industry. Now EBS/INC. is leading the way for semen production to become less dependent on energy and to minimize the impact on our environment.

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